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Ultear has a rather voluptuous figure, and she wears a long revealing dress, sporting a striped pattern. During her fight with Gray, she was able to grab his head with her legs, demonstrating agile motions. Intelligence : Gifted An excellent actor and a schemer. Celestial Spirit Couples. She finally admits her wrongdoings and confesses her feelings for Meredy, and once forgiven they embrace in mutual love for each other, marking the change in Ultear for the better. Magic Sword : Ultear manipulates energy on her palm and creates a sword made of that energy. Ultear, however, managed to escape one day and made her way back home. After leaving Grimore Heart she has become a more kind person wishing atone for sins She has also shown to have a more easygoing, but still somewhat twisted sense of humor, seen when she explained the workings of opening second origin to Natsu and his companions, as well as when she tormented Jellal during the match through Meredy by comically feeding her hot peppers and tickling her. Ultear asks about the culprit and Natsu tells her that it was Rogue, coming from the future of 7 years away. Ultear regains her balance, swears that she cannot lose until she reaches the Ultimate Magic World and assumes the stance for casting an Ice-Make spell, surprising Gray.

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After being restored to her normal age by Chitsujo Ultear Magic has been raised to a level that she can become a member of The 10 Wizard Saints and maybe even that of the Four Gods of Ishgar, due the effects of Lost Ages aging her magic powers, it is said to grown three times greater. She recalls the time when her mother brought her to an institution, asking for help because Ultear had been born with too much Magical Power and was burned up with fever. However, Zeref then says he doesn't want to kill anymore and that he wants Grimoire Heart to leave the island, and reasserts his anger, giving chills to Ultear in the process. She confidently responds that she cannot be defeated by his ice, as no matter what form he makes it take, it all has the same future. Sign In Don't have an account? Ultear uses her Orb to fight over long distances, but this Magic Sword is useful in close combat. She finally admits her wrongdoings and confesses her feelings for Meredy, and once forgiven they embrace in mutual love for each other, marking the change in Ultear for the better. She can also use it to on objects by freezing it in midair.

Ultear Milkovich Gray Fullbuster vs. This surprises Meredy, and when the girl asks why Ultear wants to fool Master Hades, Ultear replies that it's so Zeref can be hers alone. However, she despairs at the thought off two children facing a God , only to have her faith restored when she sees their determination to save their friend. The anxiety, anger and hatred I couldn't suppress. Momentarily, she remembers herself as a child, clutching a tree trunk and crying. Her outfit now consists of little more than a tabard-like garment that barely covers her front and back, with a sizable slit exposing her cleavage. We noticed you have a microphone. The two instantly become friendly with each other, with Gray overlooking the events that occured on Tenrou Island. Using this connection, Ultear tries to manipulate Gray into sacrificing himself. Esdeath Akame ga Kill!

Before making the decision to not go through with the spell, Gray remembers Ultear last. However, it is later revealed that Ultear is not truly evil, but rather, the victim of an unfortunate history. Ultear then appears behind Gray, and asks him if he was following her. How difficult is it to pronounce Ultear? At some point Ultear became a member of the Magic Council and frequently worked with her fellow colleague Jellal.


Start a Wiki. Tier : Low 7-B 7-B. Categories :. I do ship Lyvia. However, one day, Ur discovered that Ultear had too much Magical power confined inside her, which was giving her a fever and making her ill. I'm a Gruvia shipper to be honest. She regards her mother with cold disdain, classifying her as weak.

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  • The two have developed a close, personal bond, to the point where Gray was able to regonize Ultear despite her changed appearance, which Jellal and even Meredy were unable to do.
  • After finding and defeating Zeref, Ultear is seen carrying Zeref back to Hades when Gray spots her and mistakes her momentarily for Ur.
  • This is the reason why she was able to commit all the atrocities she did: because she thought she would be able to undo them once she completes the Arc of Time, to go back and live the life she wanted; but once learning the truth about her mother from Gray, Ultear realizes her mistakes.
  • She was also a former member of Grimoire Heart , [5] where she was the leader of the Seven Kin of Purgatory.
  • She mainly uses telekinesis to barrage her opponents with hits from her orb.
  • I realized just how small I am.
  • He suggested that they all eat it together, but was astonished when Natsu claimed the egg to be a dragon's egg as the marks on it were akin to those made by a dragon's claw.

She was the eldest of the Seven Kin of Purgatory, the strongest team in her guild. Hades found her and dissuaded her from using it, as its use came with the price of taking away the time, ergo the life, of its user. Ultear tells him that he can't win against Hades, with Gray replying that he knows, but that he still needs to make himself useful and assist his comrades. Ultear also seems to no longer use lipstick. Later, Ultear begins to question future Lucy's words, taking the number of Dragons, the Eclipse and the strange Magic into consideration. Cancel Save.

I always cursed my own life. Ultear, however, managed to escape one day and made her way back home. She finally admits her wrongdoings and confesses her feelings for Meredy, and once forgiven they embrace in mutual love for each other, marking the change in Ultear for the better. Battle Armor: Before she landed on Tenrou Island , in preparation for the upcoming battle against Fairy Tail and the Straw Hats , Ultear changed her outfit from a revealing dress into a tight form-fitting uniform that almost resembles an armor. It is used in conjunction with her Arc of Time Magic; it can be launched at high speeds at opponents and if it is ever broken, it can easily be repaired. Categories :.

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