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Nami one piece cosplay

by Goltigal
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In the final scene, she wears an orange dress with long sleeves and short skirt, with a white line on the sleeves, also worn during the plot of the Movie 5. Halberd :. Announcers :. She seemed to have abandoned the sandals for high-heeled boots as of Chapter but she started using sandals again by the end of the arc. She also tied her hair back again, and temporarily wore a pink raincoat while in stormy waters. She later wore a strapless, long wedding gown and white high-heeled pumps. Gol D. She tied her hair into a short ponytail. Last, but not least, cosplayer Stanu standesu has based her Nami cosplay on a One Piece figurine, similarly to Cici's cosplay. Locomotions :.

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Related Topics Lists one piece. In the final scene, she wears an orange dress with long sleeves and short skirt, with a white line on the sleeves, also worn during the plot of the Movie 5. Luffy's outfit; complete with his famous straw hat. Loguetown :. Shimotsuki Village :. Related Articles Terms :. She later wore a strapless, long wedding gown and white high-heeled pumps. After the Trump Pirates stole the Going Merry with her clothes inside, she had to wear a wedding dress from a store. As previously mentioned, Nami wore quite a few exotic outfits during her trip to Whole Cake Island, such as her initial dress or battle armor. In the Wano Country Arc , Nami first wore a dark-colored light purple in the anime dress with yellow outlines.

Baratie :. Luffy was setting out on his grand adventure to find the elusive treasure known as One Piece. Art of Weather Sorcery Clima-Tact. In the Movie 3 , she wears a white dress with crisscrossed black lines, and a red belt. During the Jaya Arc , Nami wore a blue and white striped tank top with her usual skirt and high-heels. Foosha Village Monkey D. Ships :. Monkey D.

During the Little Garden Arc , she wore a simple, long-sleeved shirt with blue sleeves, her yellow skirt, and her high-heeled sandals. Behind the camera was Roberto Donadello PH. Leogardo Reyna Jr. Gol D. While Luffy and Sanji carried her to be treated by Dr. Temporary Supporters :.


In the Movie 2 , she initially appears in a dark pink bikini. She finally changed into a gray, zippered camisole with the word "EVIL" imprinted on it in big blue letters, blue cutoff jeans, and a dark gray pair of sandals. Second fan questiton: Hi, Oda-sensei! Halberd :. Other :. Spear :.

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  • On Instagram, Jordan uploaded a brief video of her applying makeup to her arm to create the fake wounds.
  • The first one was a dark blue, short-sleeved shirt with a light blue tie that had three rows of black dots decorated diagonally at the end.
  • She currently has a bounty of 66,,
  • Gol D.
  • Buggy's Crew: After the Battle!
  • He is eagerly awaiting the return of the McRib.
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After the crew had split up, she changed into a frilled halterneck and a pleated frilled skirt with round studs around the waistline and a small decorative bow in front. A single long hair stand hanging on the left side with bangs still hanging over her forehead. Though she tends to style her hair neatly, occasionally, a hair on top of her head may form into a messy cowlick. When leaving Zou she wore a skirt and shirt with the number "73" on it and later a hooded fur coat when the crew was traveling in cold weather. Nami's really cute. Tell us!! She tied her hair into a short ponytail. During the Loguetown Arc , she wore a plain navy blue, short-sleeved shirt, a dark blue mini-skirt with white rings on the sides, and navy blue high-heeled sandals. Foosha Village Monkey D. Ship s :.

In the Movie 4 , she wears a gray sleeveless jacket, with the word "Evil" on the chest, and a short blue skirt. Her third outfit was a baby blue kimono with a dark-colored pink in the anime pattern. Crews :. After returning to the Thousand Sunny, she changed into real and more personalized stylish winter clothing and also replaced the clothes which were not suited for the cold, putting on a high-collared black coat with three sets of gold buttons held together by straps, brown gloves, a set of black leggings instead of jeans, and in place of her sandals, a set of calf-high dark brown boots with white fur insulating the boots at the calves. For the Sabaody Archipelago Arc , Nami wore an orange shirt with an orange floral pattern, white short shorts, and her high-heeled sandals. Locomotions :.

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Tante Girang Jakarta Selatan Kontol laki Her overall physique matured suddenly though this is, most likely, a simple change in style of artwork.
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