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She also put down the sword Thea gave her to subdue Roy and Laurel non-lethally instead of going for lethal methods. In their first meeting, Nyssa named Malcolm "Al Sa-her" "The Magician" after he pulled a coin out of her ear as a magic trick. However Nyssa grew concerned when Quentin asked if there was any way to bring her back i. At first, Nyssa had a contentious relationship with Laurel Lance , since the latter held the former responsible for Sara's death while Nyssa believed Laurel wasn't worthy to wear Sara's jacket. John and Felicity visited them and told them Lyla had been captured to force them to surrender Nyssa. It will mainly follow the storyline, but it will be much different. However, she quickly abandoned this when she realized Sara would rather die than return to the league and chose to free her rather than letting her die, this implied she still cares for Sara despite them no longer being lovers. Nyssa said she would not watch her legacy being given to an outsider and left. The choices they made lead them down different paths. Nyssa then showed up and helped Laurel when she was cornered by her father.

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What happens when he is given a second chance? Nyssa explained that every action of him had frustrated the vengeance for the death of Sara, and she tells him the location as she is certain he will die there. Oliver Queen was the sixteen-year-old scion of the wealthy Queen family before a boat trip gone awry landed him on the island hell of Lian Yu. But not him, no he was saved. Concerned for Quentin's well-being Nyssa approached Oliver and asked him to speak to Quentin, to convince him he's in denial and needs to embrace the grief. They no longer walk side by side, for she fights for justice while he fights for those he loves. Sara responded to her with warmth and feeling, apologizing. She then gave Team Arrow the location of a building that the league has been using as a staging ground. She was more upset over this than any apparent betrayal of the League. After Oliver's team was captured and infected with the Alpha Omega virus, she married Oliver and the "union is sealed" as said by the Priestess.

Maseo ordered Nyssa to kneel before Oliver however she refused. They no longer walk side by side, for she fights for justice while he fights for those he loves. Upon arriving with her father , Nyssa released Dinah. Her father explained how she was unfit to be his heir as she had allowed weakness to come into her life which had made her emotional in her judgement. She and Oliver found pictures and notes Sara had made while investigating Malcolm. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. There, she met Sara Lance dying of starvation, having seemingly given up on living. Nyssa offered to take Sara's place as she felt that something bad was going to happen to Sara. John and Felicity mentioned they could not believe it and Nyssa told them she was damaging the memory they had of him. Main Content While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

This event was unknowingly orchestrated by Sara herself when a future version of her told her father back in to send Nyssa to Lian Yu to find her younger self a year after the Queen's Gambit was sunk. This seems to be in an effort to embarrass Oliver as she even told Slade Wilson about their marital status, causing Slade to question Oliver's love life. As they told him to back off Oliver quickly escaped the scene by jumping of the roof. Nyssa told them she will give herself up however Laurel told them they would lose their soul if they would surrender her to get Lyla back. She and Oliver found pictures and notes Sara had made while investigating Malcolm.


Laurel mentioned she had to tell Nyssa of how Oliver was now with the League. He then unlocked her sword and found the Omega virus. Nyssa has grown to care for Oliver and his team, having gone through the trouble of coming to Oliver to help him when he reached out to her, even going as far as to calling them her friends and that she stands with them when her sister, Talia , questioned her resolve for allying with their father's murderer. He said he knew their love would only end in heartbreak. It will mainly follow the storyline, but it will be much different. Three years prior, Barry Allen, all eleven years of age, woke up to a whirlwind of gold and scarlet and watched as a man in a yellow suit ruined his life. Nyssa survived the island's destruction by taking shelter with the other survivors in Chase's plane.

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  • Nyssa told Laurel she should not keep secrets especially after her relationship with her father suffered because of her secrets.
  • Find out.
  • Nyssa later came back to Starling City and saved Laurel as the police station was under attack by Murmur.
  • Nyssa questions if he ever approved of her relationship with Sara.
  • Before he could kill her Laurel and John stopped him.
  • When a new enemy appears using what's left of the League of Shadows, Oliver must show he is worthy of carrying on the name Ra's Al Ghul.
  • She demanded to know why he had let Malcolm go.

She was shoved into a space ship, baby cousin in hand, and tossed into the ebony abyss as her planet exploded around her, landing in a world so similar and yet so very different from her own. Laurel later brought her water and Nyssa said Malcolm will get tortured by her father, but Laurel does not seem please how the killer will be punished. In the ensuing fight Nyssa took out two guards and managed to break her bonds after which she took a sword. Nyssa arrived in Starling City to find Sara. After Malcolm finally agreed to use the pit on Sara, Nyssa furiously barged in and told Laurel that all that was happening to Sara was her responsibility. However this is set far earlier in the season. She fought Oliver however he managed to tie her up with a trick arrow and capture her. Nyssa went to Sara's safe house and began to cry when she noticed Oliver behind her. Nyssa mentioned that even if Oliver did not kill Sara he still deserves to die for defying her father. She enlists Team Arrow's help to obtain Malcolm's last sift, a mysterious box in which they initially were unaware of what it encased, before the Thanatos Guild can retrieve it.

In , following Malcolm Merlyn 's Undertaking , Sara left Nanda Parbat to check on her family but failed to return after several weeks. His world is gone. After a short fight she managed to overpower him and knocked him out. Nyssa and a group of assassins went to Starling City as they looked for Malcolm Merlyn, they got contacted by Thea who offers them Malcolm Merlyn in return for safety. Season 3 AU!

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